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OK, I am almost fully recovered from the dreaded Birthday Funk. The Birthday Funk is a fairly new thing for me – I only started having them after age 35. Last year the Funk lasted for a week (!). I thought I would escape it totally this year but Sunday night I was sitting on the couch listening to The Fray (thanks Jason!) and knitting and you know how your mind sometimes wanders when you’re knitting? Not a good thing to do when you’re listening to piano heavy pop songs about love and you’re alone on your birthday and you’re knitting a freaking BABY BLANKET and you haven’t even kissed a guy in over a year and you hate your job and well, you get the picture… It wasn’t pretty but I am glad to say that the Funk lasted a maximum of 24 hours which is good compared to last year’s funk which ended in me going to a pyschic, almost getting a spur of the moment tattoo and hitting on a very young (but hot) bartender.

But I digress… So, my four days off resulted in very little productivity but I did finish the aforementioned baby blanket! Hooray! And it looks pretty good (despite a few screw ups). (I’ll post pics and pattern later). As soon as I took it off the needles, I spread it out to examine it for flaws and Ernie immediately climbed up on it, thinking it was his because you know, it’s all about him (he so takes after me in that respect).

Did you know that this weekend was also Ernie’s birthday? I adopted him on a Labor Day weekend from the shelter and they estimated he was 4 or 5 months old which would put him born around April or May so I just decided that Ernie and I would have the same birthday to make things easy. I can’t remember how old he is, I always forget the year I adopted him, but he’s either 5 or 6. I think that makes him a teenager in cat years which would explain why he’s such a pain lately.

Lord, just shoot me, I just wrote in my blog about my cat’s birthday… No wonder I haven’t been kissed in over a year!! Sigh...

Your spinster blogger in the throws of a mid-life crisis,
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