Knitting Trolls


Dear Michelle-
Your birthday is going to rock! I know I keep saying this, but it will. If I wasn't as lazy as I am I would knit you this to prove it- and stitch it to your jacket when you weren't looking...

That Henry doll is pretty sweet. Your nephew will love it. I had a funny idea- you should actually knit the Henry and when you give away the baby blanket- roll Henry right up inside and poof- instant hipness! That would be so very....

ok maybe not.

I need to pick a new knitting project, as my winter scarf that has taken me since winter is now finished. Which shall it be...
A) sleep mask from knit.1
B) socks that Janet gave me the pattern for or
C) Another SCARF!! This time using much cooler stitches.

On a non knitting tip- why does the weather have to be so nice, and us so inside. I just want to get up and run out of here screaming along the way- but that's wouldn't be very....

Your nutty knitter,


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