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Godzilla's Booties

Dear Melanie -
OK, as promised, I am posting pics of my latest knitting projects. First up, THE Baby Blanket. My first!

It's not perfect but hey, it's done... Here's the link
to the pattern I used. Very easy although time consuming and there are a few mistakes so I hope it doesn't fall apart in the wash.

Next project, baby hat - punk ass baby hat. You can find that pattern here.
I did modify it a bit by making it one color rather than striped. I know, it's a lot of baby stuff but I have a lot of friends having babies. That's what happens when you get old. Anyway, the hat may be a little big for a newborn as it fit Snoopy pretty good (I tried to get Ernie to model it but he kept wanting to eat the pom-poms).

Notice the HUGE ass bootie that Snoopy is also holding - this is my next project. Baby booties - I still need to insert a ribbon tie so I'm hoping that will make the bootie appear a bit smaller. Right now, I'm nicknaming them Godzilla's booties.

This is Godzilla, he likes the booties...

Your blogging partner,
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