Knitting Trolls

Hey y’all-

Just kidding, I am no crazy aunt purl! Even though I did live in Mississippi one year of my life. I wish I had an accent, a cool British accent. Like the men and women on footballers wives. After hours of watching that show, I think I’ve narrowed it down to whose accent I would like to have best…Kyle’s proper queens English accent. Is this very boring to those who haven’t seen this trashier UK version of desperate housewives (but way better) yes- but it’s my (our) blog- so there!

Hey Michelle- speaking of your man Henry Rollins- did you know he’s yet another celebrity to be graced with his own show?
Has anybody seen this? He is a cute man, with lots of muscles and tattoos…drool…
Over the weekend I painted a picture of this gorgeous specimen of a man just for you…

Just kidding, I cannot take credit for this masterpiece...

So TV and Henry Rollins is not ALL I think about…I do like to knit. I finished my five coasters, and tried to “block” them- sort of. Ok, so they are a little funky, but cute, and we’ve yet to see if they are functional bc we don’t have a fully working apartment yet!!!!

But soon I will be nestled away in the south Hyde Park non-ghetto, coasters and all…..ah, can’t wait for summer!

Melanie aka knitting troll #2
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