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Remedial knitting....and dating...

I've been engaging in some remedial knitting this August - scarves! I'm trying to use up some cheap yarn from the stash so behold these Lion Brand Homespun beauties that are going to charity.

The first and last one are based on scarves in the Stitch 'n Bitch book, the middle one is from this pattern. It was a bitch to knit with the Homespun but I still like it.

I've also been doing some dishcloths, like this Martini one. Cute, huh?

And I managed to teach myself how to increase by knitting into the front and back of a stitch. Behold, the practice kercheif - this is definitely going into the charity bin since I really don't think the milkmaid look is going to come back.

And yes, I have been on a couple of dates this week (yes, 2 in one week!). The first one was so damn boring I thought I might have to poke my eyeballs out with my fork. I found myself telling him about a segment I saw on America's Most Wanted just to have something to talk about. I don't know what's sadder - that I had so little in common with him or that I spend my Saturday nights knitting and watching America's Most Wanted.

The second date was much better - we had a lot to talk about and a lot in common but I wasn't attracted to him but in a friend way and apparently he wasn't attracted to me either as I never heard back from him.

Soooo... Lesson? I'm not missing a damn thing by not dating. Really...

Checking out the nunneries,


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12:44 PM

Cool Scarves for the Xmas Bureau! Good to know that those who get these beauts will be stylin'!    

2:15 PM

I think the milkmaid look is ho! Rock on!    

2:16 PM

blog comment correction: the look is HOT not HO, my bad.    

1:39 PM

I'm glad people aren't posting that you're a ho...    

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