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Waiting for William...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pattern: September Mid Month Dish Cloth Knit Along

Needles: Size 7

Yarn: Peaches and Cream cotton

I love this dishcloth - it's so pretty that I almost don't want to use it. But use it I will... I like the mid-month patterns on this knit along much better than the ones at the beginning. I'm calling this my "Waiting for William" dishcloth as I knit it on Tuesday night while hanging out waiting for word on my sister-in-law having her baby. They tried to induce labor on Tuesday but little William was having none 0f it. He's going to be stubborn and hard headed just like his dad! Wednesday they tried again but nope, not going to happen. She went into labor this morning all by herself but he's still not wanting to come out so we're waiting still! William, if it's any incentive, you will have a nice hat and blanket knit by your cool Aunt Michelle (the best aunt EVER) when you come out...

This is the yarn for my next project - a scarf for my mother's b/day. It is Berocco's Smart Mohair and it's very soft and pretty so I'm looking forward to knitting with it...

Still waiting for,


Take Me to Your Leader...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pattern: Alien Illusion Scarf from Stitch and Bitch

Needle size: Size 6 (down one size from the pattern since I am a loose knitter)

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease

Finally! I finished the Alien Illusion Scarf! I have been talking about making this thing for a year now and it took me 2 weeks to do the damn thing but here it is! And yes, you can see some mistakes just from this crappy picture (please forgive me for the crappy picture but the sun was going down so I was in a hurry). But I don't care, I like it and it's mine. This thing took so much longer than I had expected. I started it in Wichita while at the trade show and didn't have access to the internet to check for the pattern mistakes (I knew there was one) so I figured out the pattern mistake the hard way after knitting for 2 hours. Then I tried knitting it a few times when I was tired and that's where I made the mistakes. And I had the overwhelming urge to say "take me to your leader" during the knitting of the first two heads but after that I got over it. Although I may say it a few times the first time I wear it.

Obviously I have aliens on my mind as I changed the template. I needed something "fall-ish". This reminds me of Halloween so it will do for now. And of course every time I change the template I lose my links and knitting rings. I'll figure that out later as it's almost 9 p.m. and I have some serious time management issues going on lately. I can't seem to get anything done as I waste 2 hours on the internet checking out all my blogs and downloading MP3s and playing with the blog template. Sigh...

Take me to your leader,


Psychedelic, man...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

This is my September dishcloth from the Monthly Dishcloth KAL - it's supposed to be a leaf but I used variagated yarn as I didn't have any solids so you can't see the leaf. It's just kind of psychedelic looking... Oh well, it'll still wash the dishes!

Look at all the goodies in this picture! I found a new thriftstore that benefits the City Union Mission (a local homeless shelter). It's filled to the brim with lots of crap and it's cheap! I got all of these things plus a pair of vintage fishnets (still in the package) for my neighbor who has a hosiery fetish all for $6.40! The creamer in the front right actually matches some dishes that my father gave me that used to belong to my grandmother. It was a quarter! Do you know how much I would have had to pay to buy that on eBay? I've priced them and it's a lot more than a quarter.

It was just all around a fabulous weekend... My neighbors threw a big BBQ party on Saturday. I wasn't going to go until 6 p.m. but went down around 2ish because the Blue Angels were flying in the neighborhood and I wanted to see them. They were here for an airshow and I love them - those loud jets, fast and daring flights - very testosteroney... So I went down early and didn't make it back upstairs until 11:30 when I collapsed into bed. I am proud of myself for not drinking until 5 p.m. but it was still too much. But that's the beauty of partying in the front yard - not far to crawl! I wasn't too bad off though as I ate a ton of food - it was all soooo good. Those girls can cook! I brought Corn, tomato and avocado salad which I use as a salsa with scoop chips. Soooo yummy... Anyway, the BBQ was a blast and quite an interesting crowd - lots of tattoos and thrift store clothing! All of the neighbors showed up (including some former neighbors) - even the stuffy couple that lives next to me! I ate, drank, admired tattoos, got into a deep religious discussion with my downstairs neighbor and a very cute, very smart former anthropology major (so cute! and so young!), got hit on by a big tattooed guy who's in a goth metal band, etc. until I had to leave. I even talked about knitting! Some of my neighbors want to learn so I'm thinking about having "knitting clinics" and teaching them what little I know. It will be fun!

All in all a fabulous weekend, I didn't achieve my knitting goals but it was worth it...

Tired but happy,


Chopped Liver...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Well, I survived Wichita... It was fun (except for a scary encounter with Mountain Oysters) but it's good to be back in Troll-ville. So after 3 days in Wichita I needed some culture and last weekend fulfilled that need.

Friday: spent evening with Melanie Troll and Jillie B. watching the Alvin Ailey dance troupe. Absolutely amazing... If you ever get a chance to view them, you must! They never fail to move me (but maybe I'm a sap).

Saturday: went with my neighbor Aimie to the Crossroads Music fest. It was a fantastic time - so many good bands! Even though I felt like chopped liver next to Aimie (aka Etta Vendetta, I've blogged about her burlesque show). Aimie is one of the absolute sweetest people I know and she made sure to introduce me to EVERYONE that came up and talked to her and I do believe that was everyone in the whole world. But they would glance right through me and mumble something along the lines of "nice to meet you" (including the women) and then get right back to Aimie.

My neighbor Aimie

Me (aka chopped liver)

But really, I didn't mind as we saw some great bands: the Gaslights (featuring another neighbor, Jon Stubblefield), the Wilders, the Roman Numerals, Doris Henson, It's Over (a band with a lead singer that looks so much like a girl that I doubted it seriously when Aimie assured me he had a penis - verdict is still out on that. I won't believe it until I see it.), and then the finale - the Architects. The Architects rocked my face off - they were so awesome. All of the bands were awesome but the Architects ROCKED! All of the twenty-somethings were standing at the front of the stage just doing their cool head bobs. Not me - I was a good 10 years older than most of the people there and I was dancing my ass off. And I didn't care. I was chopped liver, remember?

We then headed over to the Brick for the afterparty and saw SuperBlackMarket and Anvil Chorus. Anvil Chorus also rocked my face off - they have everything I could possibly want in a band - heavy guitars and drums, keyboards and a haunting female vocalist. And I met my neighbor - Bob! Bob has only lived above me for 2 months and I just now met him - just now! Of course he knew Aimie and she introduced me. Bob is a tattoo artist at Irezumi (where I got mine! He knows Stormy!) and he is in a band called This Alibi.

Whew! This post is getting lengthy - and no knitting! I'll post knitting later...

Rock and roll ain't noise pollution,



Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Ohmigod! It’s a bird; it’s a plane…’s Melanie Troll Blogging!!
I took Michelle’s hint hint, and since it’s only been a couple of
years- I thought I would blog a bit for everyone’s enjoyment.
since I am super busy w bridezilla issues (awesome show by the
way- , I must tell the
truth, I have neglected my knitting. I did start a scarf last
week and…..haven’t finished it, but I will soon. And I will
certainly not post it, bc it will look like a street persons scarf
compared to Michelle’s fare.
but I’ll move on…

I just saw this on CNN and thought it was funny. I always love
lists….. Overland park is rated #6
in the country! That isn’t the funny part, but I love the line of
“Feels like it was designed by the folks who invented cubicles.”
I’m not trying to hate on my JoCo Trolls, I’m just sayin’.

In more uninteresting/ hard to ignore internet crap, did anyone see the
first pictures of Suri Cruise?
does anybody care?!?! It’s a freaking baby people.
But if you were wondering what her first poop looked like
enjoy this fabulous sculpture by artist Daniel Edwards
Now showing at the Capla Kesting gallery in Brooklyn.

PS Does anyone else think baby Suri looks a little like an alien? A little Elron Hubbardish maybe......

Peace out,


Wichita Here I Come...

Latest Scarf: Tweed Scarf
Yarn: Some old Lionbrand WoolEase that I bought at a thrift store for 99 cents (woo hoo!)
Needles: Size 9

This scarf did not turn out anything like I thought it would. I used a different weight of yarn so maybe that was the problem. It's OK, but I'm not real thrilled with it...

So I'm going to Wichita for work for a couple of days and I should be packing right this very minute (or at the very least, drying my hair) but no, I am playing on the internets. Just call me the queen of procrastination... I'm hoping upon my return to find that one of the other two trolls has posted something of interest on the blog since I seem to be the only one blogging nowadays. I need to change the name of the blog to "Knitting Troll". Hint, hint girls...

Did not do much knitting this weekend - mostly cleaning and decluttering. And spending way too much time on the computer. Not only am I addicted to knitting/crafting blogs, but I'm also addicted to MP3 blogs - I have hundreds of MP3s on my computer and I've been trying to organize them a bit. It's taking forever. But anyway, I discovered this great new MP3 blog this weekend - What would Jesus Blog? I don't know why, but this blog really cracks me up. It seems Jesus is a fan of indie music (I knew it!).

And what about The Crocodile Hunter dying?! That's crazy...

And now to leave you with one of the cutest pictures I ever did see (courtesy of Cute Overload). Enjoy!

I really should be packing,