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Ohmigod! It’s a bird; it’s a plane…’s Melanie Troll Blogging!!
I took Michelle’s hint hint, and since it’s only been a couple of
years- I thought I would blog a bit for everyone’s enjoyment.
since I am super busy w bridezilla issues (awesome show by the
way- , I must tell the
truth, I have neglected my knitting. I did start a scarf last
week and…..haven’t finished it, but I will soon. And I will
certainly not post it, bc it will look like a street persons scarf
compared to Michelle’s fare.
but I’ll move on…

I just saw this on CNN and thought it was funny. I always love
lists….. Overland park is rated #6
in the country! That isn’t the funny part, but I love the line of
“Feels like it was designed by the folks who invented cubicles.”
I’m not trying to hate on my JoCo Trolls, I’m just sayin’.

In more uninteresting/ hard to ignore internet crap, did anyone see the
first pictures of Suri Cruise?
does anybody care?!?! It’s a freaking baby people.
But if you were wondering what her first poop looked like
enjoy this fabulous sculpture by artist Daniel Edwards
Now showing at the Capla Kesting gallery in Brooklyn.

PS Does anyone else think baby Suri looks a little like an alien? A little Elron Hubbardish maybe......

Peace out,


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7:18 PM

Ok...very strange happenings...just as I posted this, the pictures of baby Suri on the blog disappeared!!! Am I just paranoid or is something going on!?    

2:42 AM

okayyyy...i am going to say that that cannot be the first poop, way to formed. other than that, why am i not surprised. ohhhh boy, i can only imagine how frackin' crazy a child of tom cruise will be.    

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